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Plan for gifting on special occasions like Birthdays, Weddings etc

Special Discounts

Pay 10 installments & get 100% discount on the 11th installment

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If jewellery is more than Rs. 77,000, you just need to pay the difference amount at the time of purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

You can redeem at any of our store or you can redeem it online after the tenure of scheme.

You can purchase studded Diamond Jewellery

Yes you can redeem and purchase anytime however you won't get any scheme discount if you don't complete it

You will get special discount only after 11th month.

Yes your friend/relative can redeem on your behalf provided you give us the authorisation letter along with your governmental identify proof by completing the necessary mandatory process as required by the company

No you can't change the amount after starting the plan

In the event of the death of the account holder, the account is transferrable only to the person who is nominated by the account holder in the enrollment form at the time of opening the account subsequently the decision of company on the submission of legal documents would be final and binding. Minors can't be nominated.

Yes you will receive the confirmation via email or SMS

There are multiple payment options such as net banking, credit/debit cards, Paytm, Cheque, Demand Drafts, Cash etc.

Yes you will get the confirmation by SMS or Email for every installment

You can login and check the payment in 'My Wallet'

If Payment is delayed for greater than 2 installments, 100% of the special discount will be deducted. (Basically you will not be eligible for special discount).

No, the company will not give any further discount, benefit or interest. Only installment benefit will be provided as mentioned above.

It is mandatory for you to buy products against this scheme when it ends within 100 days of it's completion. If you don't, the benefit will not be provided to you in any case.

The Company reserves the right to cancel and refund the money towards your Diamond Mine Scheme installment if there is any discrepancy in the details submitted by you or you do not submit valid ID proof within 30 days of enrollment. In such cases, the amount paid by you towards subscription will be refunded.

If you choose to terminate or cancel the subscription, you will be entitled to purchase any product(s) from the Website or stores operated by the company using the amount already paid by you. You will not be entitled for refund of the monthly installments or any portion thereof, paid by you towards the Scheme.